Privacy Policy


In an all in accordance with the law 25.326 of the Argentine Republic, and its complementary rules, the user is informed through this, the privacy and personal data protection policy applicable to this website, describing the ways of collection and use of personal user information.

CONSENT: By only accessing and / or using this website, from any medium or device, the user agrees to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of Peak Sport Argentina SA, who in turn may modify and / or update it. in whole or in part at any time, resulting in the changes in effect from its online publication.

USED ​​INFORMATION: Peak Sport Argentina S.A. exclusively uses the information provided voluntarily by the user, either directly or that information contained in databases or social networks to which the user allows access. This information is inclusive of your full name, date of birth, sex, real address or email, social networks of a public nature, telephone numbers, public images, and other contact information and / or profile provided by the user or declared in social networks or other means of public and free access. Likewise, the use of banking or credit information for exclusive commercial purposes, and once the express consent of the user is provided. Likewise, all the information related to your interaction with the products, services and applications offered on this website will be collected and automatically used, as well as the technical information to which you have access (IP address of the device used to access the system). , software, languages, browser used, particular privacy settings, access times, external links consulted, history of commercial operations and / or other interaction with the site and / or with Peak Sport Argentina SA)

INFORMATION RECOPLIATION TOOLS: Peak Sport Argentina S.A. reserves the right to use the computer mechanisms of its choice for the purpose of collecting information from users, including the so-called cookies.

USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS: Peak Sport Argentina S.A. may at any time associate this website with different social networks, such as Facebook and / or Twitter, among others. When the user accesses these platforms and the information provided and shared therein, he / she gives immediate consent to the privacy policies and terms of use of said networks, which are declared completely unrelated to Peak Sport Argentina S.A. The user is exclusively responsible for the comments and / or information provided or made available to such social networks, being Peak Sport Argentina S.A. alien to them, as well as not having any responsibility regarding the activity and / or comments of other users of these networks. The user expressly allows the inclusion of their name and other contact information in these social networks in the case of access through this platform or links linked to it, unless expressly stated otherwise. The contents or comments published on social networks by users, must be respectful of the applicable rules, no responsibility of Peak Sport Argentina S.A. with respect to third parties, and the latter reserves the right to block, eliminate and / or denounce users who violate this privacy policy or the guiding principles of their commercial activity and / or public order.

USE OF THE INFORMATION COLLECTED: Peak Sport Argentina S.A. undertakes to use the information of the users to whom it has access, among others, for the following activities: improve and update the general conditions of this website, offer users all available services and promotions, develop marketing strategies in accordance with the preferences of its users, send messages, invitations, offers, promotions and contests to users who have provided their personal data and / or contact under the conditions already developed, arrange online business transactions, send emails and / or personal messages to users through all available means, organize events and surveys with users, and any other activity that is suitable for the fulfillment of its corporate purpose, with full respect for the rights and individual guarantees of users, the prevailing legislation on the subject , and the remaining terms and conditions of use of this website.