PEAK believes that everyone is a “player” in life, and no matter for fun, competition or health, everyone can play. Sports create a domain where boundaries are broken, limits are tested and life is allowed to a defining step and a defining second. The level of game is not what matters.

We are also a company dedicated to the marketing / world of football. We have the possibility to develop all the needs of the clubs.

We work with one of the most important football clothing designers in the world, Martín Tibabuzo, who has worked for great teams, federations and athletes worldwide such as Lionel Messi, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, Juventus FC, AC Milan, Olympique de Marseille, Chelsea FC, C.A.River Plate, Flamengo Football Club, etc.

Integral Comunication

Our plan includes development of clothing, brand positioning, on-line campaigns, social networks, ATL, BTL, traditional Media, activation strategies and brand loyalty, as well as radio, TV and press.